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Michael Czeiszperger

Wow, that shot is sharp. The scene is really gritty and interesting.. a world away from anything I've ever seen.


i like the candidness of this ciggie vendor, somewhat trying to be funny or confused plus adding the stone-faced customer trying to help himself out.

welcome back sidney!

ps, mind if we exchange links? thanks.


That expression. He doesn't look too happy and a little bit confused. Is it legal to sell cigarettes on the streets there?


I'm always thinking about this kind of shots, do you take the picture and then run or do you ask for permission? This is the reason why I take bug shots, they don't mind at all...


interesting pic ... although they look pissed!

David H-W

Good street shot - they do look rather aggressive!


Great capture. I am curious, do you ask before shooting or explain afterwards?


Here in Spain they finish promulgating a law against the tobacco now is not possible to be smoked in the work nor in most of restaurants.


welcome back Sid! :)

nice close up shot of the two guy, well framed.


Oh boy they don't look to happy, do they? Great capture!


Very tough looking shot!

It looks like the guy in front is about ready to smile and punch the cigarette vendor!


ei sidney, thanks for dropping by. if you don't mind, will add your link to my blog. a blessed 2006!


with no skills and no education. some are forced to take on jobs that indirectly kills other people. like the selling of cigarettes.


I wouldn't want to run into them in a dark alley!


Pinoy marketing ingenuity, nicely captured. Actually, this kind of retail trade has been around ever since I can remember.

The customer seems just about to give a smile, but his eyes is still deciding whether to let one out or not.


i like the dof here...very well frame wt the street activities in the background:-).

Rock Kauser

Hello and welcome back Sidney!

Do they sell the cigarettes individually? Very gritty and tough shot. I like it a lot.


welcome back sidney! i will continue to enjoy your street shots and whatever else you have in mind throughout 2006!


Selling killer stuff heh...
Nice street shot.

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